Steve Bull - Electric & Acoustic Guitars / Back Up Vocals
I have been privileged the past few years playing with Relic.  The music might be secondary to the friendship and that’s pretty rare, for often egos get in the way of the music.  I owe each and every one of them a debt of gratitude for letting me into their circle and for allowing me to grow musically and as a person.  

When I was ten my first musical disaster was the Tuba because my friend Roger thought it would be cool for us.  It wasn’t.  Years later I bought a Kalamazoo Bass Guitar which neck was so warped it took the strength of a gorilla to fret it which was my introduction to guitar.  I would practice Black Sabbath songs and others until my fingers literally bleed before I was smart enough to have the truss rod adjusted.  During this time my friend Dave Wells and his older brothers influenced an interest in the music of the 70’s which lead me to playing with him in our basement, he on drums which was my first band experience.  After his untimely death, I hooked up with a few bands around Northern Oakland County until I was approached by 3 high school classmates to form Crossroads which played covers of James Taylor, The Eagles and other softer popular bands of the times  on bass and guitar.   At a very young age we were able to secure gigs at now defunct bars like the Back Seat in Keego Harbor and the Wagon Wheel.   Barely young enough to drink it was heady stuff at the time.  

After our lead singer decided to get serious and go to college, we all decided we would follow suit and I sold most of my gear except my Martin D28 which has moved with me from state to state and house to house.  Occasionally I would open the case and play it but typically would remain packed away only to see the occasional light of day.  I added a PRS Electric one day when I had some extra dough about 15 years ago.  But really the good intentions of getting a little more serious about playing were always overshadowed by making money and building a career.  

One day only a few years ago a friend of mine walked in the office with a bass guitar.  And I asked her what she was doing with a bass and she told me she got hooked up with a School in Royal Oak and now, she is playing bass.  One thing lead to the next and she was relentless at encouraging me to go talk to the school and see if there was a place for me.  Without he constant encouragement, I wouldn't of but that that's what lead me back to playing in a band and music after all these years.  I appreciate you reading this far and I encourage you to follow your dreams musically or whatever your interest is, because it’s never too late.  A heartfelt thanks to Royal Oak School of Pop and especially Sheri and Steve who are very special people.  As well as a thanks to Lori, Kathy , Doug, Sandy, and Martin  and all our supporters.  And  especially Jennifer my wife, the person who indulges all my interests after all these years even though I am not sure how she does it.    But I am grateful she does.