Nathan Lane - Lead Vocals

I started singing at a very young age but didn’t receive actual vocal training until I was about 12 years old. In early high school, I decided to take a choir class that changed my view of singing. Throughout the next couple years, I auditioned for more classes and was accepted into one of the most award-winning high school choirs in Michigan. During this time, I also made it into an acapella group that helped me become accustomed to singing different genres of music. I had great opportunities with these groups and was able to travel and compete in Kalamazoo, Chicago, New York City, etc.

When I entered college, I wanted to keep performing so I auditioned and made it into another acapella group named Euphoria. Euphoria progressed immensely during the time I was in the group and we were able to achieve most of our goals. We performed and either won or placed at competitions in Michigan in Grand Rapids, East Lansing, and Ann Arbor. We were also able to compete on a national level in places like Chicago, Boston, North Carolina, and Arkansas. After college ended, I decided I didn’t want to stop performing and joined a summer group from East Lansing that competed in Ohio. Then after that I was asked to join a group based in Grand Rapids to compete in Chicago. COVID-19 derailed our future plans and the group had to disband and left me without a reason to keep singing.

That’s until I received word of Relic needing a new lead singer and jumped at the opportunity. In the short time I’ve been with the guy's I can already tell that it’s a tight knit band,... with a very high standard for good music and I’m blessed that I was able to come in and try to add to the great sound that it’s been producing for years. I’ll always be thankful for being able to keep finding groups of people who share the same passion as me, and that is performing live music. We can’t wait to see you all soon.