Martin Fraschetti - Bass / Back Up Vocals

45 years ago my musical journey began.   I made my way as a classically trained piano player playing lone gigs during college at local city pubs for dinner.  At the same time I was exploring the world of blues piano along with bass guitar.  What I could do taking my piano theory and putting into bass.  I spent time with my buddy bass legend Gary Shea ( New England , Alcatraz ) as he and I would exchange bass and keyboard theory in my living room.   I also owe kudos to my bass guru Chuck Bartels ( Bettye LaVette ) for the years spent sharpening my chops. My bass model has always been James Jamerson and Standing in  shadows of Motown.  Rock and Roll has been my passion. However I owe my bass Improv to the summers spent with Detroits own Scott Grinnell and the Detroit Metro Jazz Workshop meshing those jazz licks into punchy rocking bass lines.   I saved the Jazz improv for the stage at Detroits Cliff Bells.  Aside from that I have been with Relic since its inception several years ago giggin all over the Detroit metro arena.   Relic ..... A great band  with a true brotherhood   

A special thanks to The Detroit School of Rock and the Music Foundation for there support over the years .
                       Rock on..........