Rob Blumenfeld - Lead Vocals

From the 1980's band "Moose & Da Sharks"  Singing ....Lead / Backup Vocals and banging on the keys!

My fascination with music began literally in infancy, listening to the soundtrack to "The Jungle Book" over and over again. I started piano lessons at age 5, became obsessed with my older sisters Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons, my brothers Sinatra, my mom's Tom Jones and my dad's Benny Goodman. Eclectic roots to say the least. I garage band jammed through college, but nothing formal. Shout out to LV and the Kickstands for the blues immersion.

Then life happened, priorities changed. I still played, but largely for my own satisfaction. I got rusty and less connected (other than as a consumer) to this thing I loved so much. But I got really connected to my beautiful children and a fulfilling career. And along the way I did have the pleasure of playing keys with Michigan's own Moose & Da Sharks.

25 years later, life happened again. My kids were grown, and I had the incredible good fortune to reassess and re-imagine a life that I truly desired. And performing musically was central to that journey.

My deepest appreciation to this group of talented, demanding, inspiring men who have welcomed me, coached me, been patient with me and fundamentally elevated me as a musician and as a person. My journey is so much more meaningful for you having been a part of it, and for inviting me to join you on yours...

“I’m thrilled to be a part of RELIC ... and look forward to embarking on this Rock-N-Roll journey with the band”